Removing parentheses

Removing parentheses practice

Removing parentheses is one of the most important algebra skills. Math Skill Builder helps students be confident in removing parentheses area.

Students will solve removing parentheses problems for diffenent facts. We group problems in three different levels. Encourage your students select all levels. Math Skill Builder starts with easier facts and move to harder ones as the skill become stronger.

Progress report

The report shows learning progress in percentage (0% - not learned, 100% - learned perfectly).
There are three two levels of the report.

Short report

Removing parentheses

Level 1 problems progress: 46%
Level 2 problems progress: 5%
Level 3 problems progress: 3%

Normal report

Removing parentheses

(A+B)xC100% Ax(B+C)100% (A-B)xC85%
Ax(B-C)100% (A+B)÷C100% A÷(B+C)100%
(A-B)÷C100% A÷(B-C)100% (AxB)xC100%
Ax(BxC)100% (A÷B)xC100% Ax(B÷C)100%
(AxB)÷C100% A÷(BxC)100% (A÷B)÷C100%
A÷(B÷C)100% (A+B)+C99% A+(B+C)100%
(A-B)+C100% A+(B-C)100% (A+B)-C100%
A-(B+C)85% (A-B)-C100% A-(B-C)100%

(A+B-C)xD0% (AxB+C)xD0% (A÷B+C)xD0%
(AxB-C)xD0% (A÷B-C)xD25% (A+B-C)÷D0%
(AxB+C)÷D0% (A÷B+C)÷D0% (AxB-C)÷D0%
(A÷B-C)÷D25% Ax(B+C-D)0% Ax(B-CxD)25%
A÷(B+C-D)0% A÷(B-CxD)0% A-(B-C)xD0%
(A-B)-CxD0% A+Bx(C-D)25% A-Bx(C-D)25%
A-Bx(C+D)0% A-B÷(C+D)0% (A-B)÷C+D0%
(A+B)÷C-D0% (AxB)÷C+D0% (A÷B)÷C-D0%
Ax(BxC)÷D0% A÷(BxC)÷D0% A÷(B÷C)xD0%
A÷(B÷C)-DxA0% A÷(B÷CxD)0% A÷(B+C)xD0%
A+(B-C)-D0% A-(B-C)-D0% A-(B-C-D)0%
A-(B+C-D)0% A-(B-C-D)0%

(AxB+C)-(D-E)0% (A+B)÷C-(D+E)25% A+B÷(C+DxE)0%
A+Bx(C+DxE)0% AxB-(C+D÷E)0% AxB+(C+DxE)0%
A÷Bx(C-D÷E)0% A-B÷(C÷DxE)25% (A+B)-(B-C)÷D0%
(A-B)xD-(B+C)÷D0% (A-B)xD-B÷(C-D)0% (A+B)xD+B÷(C-D)25%
(A-B+C)÷(DxE)0% (A-B+C)÷(D÷E)0% (A+B-C)x(D÷E)0%
(A+B)x(C+D)0% (A-B)x(C+D)0% (A+B)x(C-D)0%
(A-B)x(C-D)0% A-(B-C)x(D-E)0% (A+B)÷(C+D)0%